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Wear, Watch, Want #61: The Korean Catholic Vacation Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #61: The Korean Catholic Vacation Edition

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Wear: The Face Shop Single Shadow

I'm usually either minimal or completely over the top when it comes to eyeshadow. If I'm not slapping on some Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow, I'm sitting down with four brushes and a palette or two to really test my shadow skills. I've never really had a middle ground. That is, until recently. My new favorite eyeshadow look? I take a MAC 217 brush and The Face Shop's single shadow shimmer in BRO2 French Brown and swipe it in the crease of my eyelid. Just a little back and forth in the crease, and it gives the illusion of a whole eye look. This Face Shop eyeshadow is lovely too. You can of course use any shadow you wish, but this one is a rich brown that looks daunting in the package but when applied is natural and subtle and juuuust right. It also goes on, stays on, and looks like an expensive eyeshadow but costs all of $7. 

Watch : Lady Bird

I'll be honest, the hype for Lady Bird has been a little ridiculous. Its 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating (That has recently dropped to 99%) not only doesn't make sense, it also doesn't really matter. That being said, I really enjoyed Lady Bird, and if you're thinking of seeing it but are put off by overenthusiastic praise, try to get over it. 

Full disclosure, like the titular character in Lady Bird, I was also a high school student in the early 2000s. I wore those clothes, I listened to that music, I had those exact conversations. Enough time has passed that I loved seeing all this portrayed onscreen. One of my favorite moments of the movie is when Lady Bird and Julie are laying in the car crying while listening to Dave Matthews Band. I saw an 11am showing on a weekday with a bunch of old people, so no one else joined me in a long, knowing laugh, but I was proud to carry the torch all on my own. 



Want: A Break

I'm taking a little break from telling you what you need. Just a few weeks to recharge, do some traveling, and find new things to write about. More in 2018! 

This Stinky Serum is The Trick For Brighter, Tighter, Glowing Skin

This Stinky Serum is The Trick For Brighter, Tighter, Glowing Skin