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Wear, Watch, Want #82: The Floridian Low Cover Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #82: The Floridian Low Cover Edition

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Wear: Warby Parker Low Bridge Fit Glasses

I have bought so many pairs of Warby Parker glasses. I wrote about getting my first pair here, back when it was real wild to recommend going to a brick and mortar store (now they’re in seemingly every major city). I’ve bought all these glasses from Warby Parker, and it wasn’t until I got yet another pair this month that I found out about low bridge fit glasses.

I picked out the Louise Wide as the pair I wanted, and when they came in and I was getting them adjusted to fit, it just wasn’t working. I normally have to get the arms bent a crazy amount so that they don’t slip off my nose, and then add nose pads to further keep them on my face. “Have you ever tried low bridge fit glasses?” the eternally patient optician asked. I HAD NOT.

A little about low bridge fit: According to Warby Parker, “Low Bridge Fit frames are crafted for those with low nose bridges (if the bridge of your nose sits level with or below the pupils), wide faces, and/or high cheekbones.” They are describing my face. I have ALL of these things.

In my research I’ve found that low bridge fit is sometimes referred to as “Asian fit” which… ok. And in the past they have not been easy to find - low bridge fit glasses are only now becoming A Thing.

Lucky for me, I had ordered the Louise Wide, which also comes in low bridge fit. Once I realized that low bridge fit was the style for me, the optician at Warby Parker popped out the clear lenses of the display pair, put mine in, and I was ready to go. I honestly thought that I just had to live with glasses sliding down my nose, sitting on my cheeks, and my eyelashes hitting the inside of the lenses. I cannot explain how amazing this feels.

Watch: Claws

Real talk: Until this spring, I thought Claws was a reality show. I had never seen an ad or a trailer for the show, and I loved Clean House with Niecy Nash so much that I was like, “Oh, Project Runway for nails” and then never looked into it. But then I saw an ad at the movies and WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?! Claws is the kind of show I could be very into, and now I’m all caught up and obsessed.

The show is funny and smart and has the best music of any TV show I can think of. And the costumes! These costumes are so wild sometimes I wonder where they get them (I’ve gone on a deep dive to find out, read more here).

Season 2 also has the best abortion storyline I can remember, that balances comedy and drama and reality in the best way. So you’ve got that, plus organized crime, secrets, intrigue, friendship, and the most amazing nails. If you’re looking for an outrageous and heartfelt dramedy, look no further than Claws.

Want: Car Seat Cover for Dogs

I got a new car (new to me, at least) and before I even let Hero think about getting a ride I need this car seat cover from Amazon. I did NOT have any kind of seat cover in my old car and you can clearly tell where Hero sits. Not this time! I’m gonna keep things tidy and clean.

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