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Wear, Watch, Want #66: The 3-Seat Garden Heist Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #66: The 3-Seat Garden Heist Edition

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Wear: Birkenstock Super Birki Clogs

One of the absolute best things about my new house is that I have a backyard. I can just open the back door and like magic, there's a huge backyard for Hero to go out in. We spend a lot of time out here. (I say here because I am writing this on the back patio while the dog does regular perimeter sweeps, one of his favorite pastimes.) I knew before I moved that "eventually" I'd want to get some kind of gardening clogs to keep by the back door. I didn't know that eventually would be within days of moving in. Turns out between trips to the trash/recycling, and taking the dog out, I'm in and out OFTEN, and thank goodness for Zappos and their amazingly quick shipping. I got these ultra durable, waterproof, easy to slip on and off Birkenstock clogs and they are perfect. At the back door I slip off my slippers and slip on these clogs - I got my regular size and they fit great barefoot or if you're wearing big wool socks - and I'm ready to head outside. 

Watch: Ocean's 8

I've been in moving mode for at least two months, and it had been far too long since I indulged in one of my favorite pastimes - taking myself to a midday movie. Last week I went to see Ocean's 8 to break my no-movie streak and it was DIVINE. From the opening montage of Sandy B conning her way into a new wardrobe, cosmetics, and even a luxury hotel room, I knew I was going to have a great time. BUT THEN Cate Blanchett showed up and I fell head over heels in love. Look, you thought Kate McKinnon was the girlfriend of your dreams in a summer all-lady reboot BUT CATE BLANCHETT THO. Literally everything about her, from her costumes to her attitude to her obvious romantic history with Sandra Bullock to her subtle flirtation with Rihanna. It was all perfect and I would like a sequel that is just 4 hours of her character just... living her life. 

Also, this is the most fun I have seen Anne Hathaway in a role since The Princess Diaries. She steals every scene she's in. It's a joy to see her have such a blast playing a character that has to be, at least in part, poking fun at Hathaway's own public image. Also, her manicure is absolutely hideous and hilarious and I can't believe it's not a meme. 

I read one review that was written by a man who knew nothing about fashion (two wrong moves there, WEBSITE) that complained that because there was no villain, that there were no stakes. To which I say: They were stealing a necklace worth hundreds of millions of dollars so THERE WERE STAKES. Also why does there have to be a villain for you to care? It's a story of a group of women doing a heist because they want to get together and use their talents to steal some shit and make a ton of money. That's enough! Anne Hathaway's character literally says she joined the gang because she wants to make more female friends. 

And on the topic of fashion, if you know about Vogue, Anna Wintour, the Met Gala, or fashion, there are Easter eggs aplenty. The crooks watch The First Monday in May as research, they sneak past Anna Wintour in the Vogue offices because she's too busy ogling Roger Federer on her laptop, and so many more. 

This is one of those movies that you'll watch when you're sick, or depressed, or just want to watch gorgeous women in amazing outfits be awesome. When Ocean's 8 is on TV and I walk past, I'm going to sit down and watch the whole thing. Oh, and I'm putting up this picture in my locker. 


Want: Crate & Barrel Davis 3-Seat Lounger

Due to some mix ups and snafus, I had to donate almost all my furniture before I moved out of LA. And by before I mean, "in 20 minutes the day I moved." It was, to put it mildly, a bit of an ordeal. Now I'm in Seattle and I don't really have any furniture. My parents have given me a few pieces of theirs that they no longer need, and I've bought a couple of things, but I'm not really being hyperbolic when I say, "I don't really have any furniture." The one big thing on my list is a couch. Right now when I want to lounge, I have to just lie in bed. I know what couch I want, I just have to get my resources together and buy it. 

The Davis 3-Seat Lounger from Crate & Barrel is great, because it's fairly petite at 90" long and the chaise isn't attached to the couch, so you can switch the side it's on easily. It's just an ottoman with a chaise cushion, so you move the ottoman to the other end and flip the cushion and voila! your chaise is now on the other side. There's also storage in the ottoman which is super handy, and is weirdly hard to find in couches like this. 

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