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Allow Me, a Costco Fanatic, To Tell You My Favorite Costco Buys

Allow Me, a Costco Fanatic, To Tell You My Favorite Costco Buys

I love Costco. You know how deep my love of Costco goes? I love to just walk every single aisle and see what they have in stock. Do I need an electric toothbrush? Or noise cancelling bluetooth headphones? NO! But I want to take my gigantic cart down those enormous warehouse aisles and SEE it ALL. I am such a huge fan of Costco that I get extremely evangelical about my favorite Costco buys, and I will not rest until everyone owns these amazing products, or at least knows about them. So here they are, my absolute favorite, you must get them, Costco purchases.

Costco Almond Flour.jpg

You’ve probably heard that Costco’s in-house brand, Kirkland, is actually just name brand stuff that’s been repackaged, right? If I see that you’ve bought any almond butter that isn’t Kirkland I will slap it right out of your hand. Non-peanut nut butters are EXPENSIVE but you can get a massive jar of Kirkland Almond butter for $8. If you are going to make the best chocolate chip cookies ever, this is the almond butter you should use. And if you’re making those cookies, you’ll also need almond flour, and there is no better price than Kirkland’s. I’ve also heard great things about Kirkland baby wipes, but the amount you get is too many for me to store at this moment in my life. I buy the Target brand, and once I was in the aisle getting some and a woman asked me, “Oh, is the Target brand for these any good?” And I replied, “They’re awesome, but full disclosure: I don’t have a baby and I use these to wipe my dog’s feet.”

Hero Salmon.jpg

Speaking of dogs, I have found the BEST dog toys at Costco. They come in sets of 3 or 4, and change with seasons and geographic regions. Hero has a PNW set with a moose, a bear, and a salmon that have become his all time favorite toys. Costco also makes great dog beds, and they even have their own version of the Cuddle Cup.

I’ve written before about this heated throw, but I have used it literally every day this fall/winter and I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve also dedicated a whole post to Costco’s great deal on Klorane dry shampoo. It is truly a bargain you can’t miss. Sidenote: Costco’s stock of Klorane comes and gos. If it’s not on the site when you look, keep trying. It’ll come back.

A few more things I’m obsessed with from Costco:

(Some of these things aren’t on the Costco site, but if you see them, grab them.)

Costco Instacrate.jpg
  • The Instacrate. It’s sturdy, it folds down easily, and you should have at least one in your car (I have two).

  • A set of Rubbermaid Brilliance containers that have replaced every food container I (used to) own

  • Kirkland brand men’s hiking socks (there are also women’s ones, but they have horrible “feminine” patterns AND cost more)

Costco Hunks.jpg
  • These things called Heavenly Hunks that I eat literally every day for breakfast.

  • Underwear. Bras, briefs, get ‘em all at Costco. There’s a special kind of pride that comes from buying your underpinnings at a bulk warehouse.

  • These slippers that are nearly identical to Uggs but cost $20.

Costco Snow Brush.jpg
  • One of these car ice scraper/brush combos that I was so glad I bought before Seattle was hit with a freak snowstorm. This is better than any one I’ve ever had and I grew up, and learned to drive in, the inhospitable tundra known as the American Midwest.

Costco Cheerios.jpg
  • Target has had a deal on Cartwheel for at least a month for 30% off Cheerios. I did the math and it’s STILL cheaper to buy Cheerios at Costco. I take these massive bags and put them in one of these Oxo Pop Containers, because while these Cheerios are a great deal, the bags are unwieldy.

  • Also, I buy trash bags once a year. I get these. They’re great, and I get a real sense of satisfaction by spending $14 on all the trash bags I need for A YEAR. Is this what being an adult is?

  • There are so many more. Crest Whitestrips are always available, but when they go on sale a few times a year, oh man. I’m texting anyone who has ever mentioned teeth whitening. And they have these massive packs of Glide floss, which, as a picky person, is the only floss I will use. Oh and Altoids! And bananas! This could go on forever. I LOVE Costco (as if you didn’t know by now).

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