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Wear, Watch, Want #96: The Irish Fire Water Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #96: The Irish Fire Water Edition

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Wear: Water Moisturizers

I somehow managed to be inundated with samples of water moisturizers over the past few months. Unfortunately (maybe), that means I’ve also become addicted to water moisturizers over the past few months. These are ultra-light, almost gel-like moisturizers that go on super easily and absorb quickly. They’re great for a daytime moisturizer, but I find them not hardcore enough for me to wear overnight. When I go to bed at night I throw on so much ultra-rich hydrating goop until I look like this

Face Mask.jpg

BUT! During the day, I want all my work I do overnight to shine through. And this is where Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer and Dr Jart Water Fuse Ultimate Hydro Gel have been making my dreams come true. I also curse their sneaky entry into my routine because the full sizes are SO expensive. When I run out of these deluxe samples I’m going to need some kind of fix. I’m thinking Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Water Gel might be the one to make my dreams of lightweight hydration come true.

Watch: Lords and Ladles

First of all, this is not a new show. I haven’t discovered anything cutting edge here. In fact, Lords and Ladles hasn’t been on the air since 2016. But I was recently in need of a soothing self-care type show, and I remembered that my mom told me about this oh, a year ago. She will frequently send me recommendations that people she follows on Twitter recommend, and I think that third hand recommendation is why I thought Lords and Ladles was about making amateur chefs try to recreate ancient recipes and then, fail comically I guess? That is NOT the premise of Lords and Ladles. And now that I know, I’m obsessed with this show.

Three famous Irish chefs take turns recreating elaborate old menus that were served in sprawling country estates and castles. Each episode, one of chefs is the cook (self-explanatory), one is the gatherer, meaning they go out and try to catch fish, or dress a rabbit, or make cheese, etc, and the other is the archivist, who must learn the history of the Grand Home and then gets to enjoy the meal with the family and guests. There are six episodes a season and two seasons, so each chef performs each role four times in the course of the series.

The dishes they prepare are from as far back as the 1600s, so there are some weird things being served. Lambs ears, eyeballs, an entire pig’s head is served more than once, and lots of aspic and oysters. Oysters, I have learned from Lords and Ladles, used to be so plentiful they were considered food for poor people! Also, I now know that there’s a great deal of lobster fishing happening in Ireland. All these fun facts and more can be yours with a viewing of the most benign, soothing show since Bake Off. And all episodes are on Netflix, ready to binge.

Want: Gas Fire Pit

I was walking through Target the other day and found myself in the newly assembled patio display. All the spring/summer stuff is out now and I AM READY. Despite not needing them, I have decided that I want a certain large patio table and some chairs, some hanging Edison-ish bulbs, and a gas fire column. I love sitting by a fire, but I have absolutely no desire to make a fire. Or maintain a fire. Or clean up after a fire. And Target, being all knowing and ever providing, made a whole display of gas fire pits and columns. All I need to do is provide a propane tank and I can have a lovely fire any summer night. Buying it, placing it, and storing it? Those are problems I have not tackled.

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