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Wear, Watch, Want #107: The Swinging, Bookish Nook Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #107: The Swinging, Bookish Nook Edition

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Wear: Gap Softspun Swing Tank

I have been in the midst of a wardrobe renaissance - I am just not feeling happy in my clothes, due to body changes and life changes and kind of muddling through the past few months without fixing my clothing issues. When I found these tanks at Gap I bought FOUR of them (two grey, two black) because they were perfect and exactly what I needed. They do not fit me like they do on the model, so for me they’re more like gentle a-line tanks that skim over my hips. They’re kind of like muscle tees, but thicker, but also soft, and you can wear a regular bra with them which is another huge plus. AND, because they’re from The Gap, the full price, and even the sale price, are not what you will (or should) pay. I think I got each for $12.

Read: Completing Book Series

There are so many book series that I have fallen in love with after the first book comes out. Then, a year later when the second installment comes out, I reread the first one, then read the new one. Third book? I reread the first, second, and then the third. I truly cannot remember what happened in the rest of the series, because by the time a year goes by and there’s a new sequel, I’ve read 50 other books. But here’s the thing, I have so many books that I want to read (and time sensitive library holds) that I often just stop reading the series. This is true for MANY book series that I LOVE and would recommend to you in a heartbeat. So I decided that my summer reading task is to read entire book series that I started and didn’t finish. Here’s the list (as it is now, I’m SURE there are more series I’m forgetting):

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

The Themis Files by Sylvain Neuvel

The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

The Wayfair Series by Alysia Gray Painter

This is my list as of now. There are also some books that just have two, like companion books or series that are just starting. I didn’t include those because I have enough on my plate as is. TIME TO GET READIN’.

Want: Breakfast Nook Cushions

I got a custom made nook for the corner of my kitchen and it is one of my favorite things in my house. I like sitting there more than at my (very lovely) desk, so it gets a lot of use throughout the day. It also has built in storage, which is fantastic and perfect, but it means that there are hinges and cutouts on the surface of the benches. It needs a cushion. Nook cushions, I have learned, are not easy to acquire. It takes slogging through measurements and realizing you either need to make your own, or order custom. And no matter what you choose, it leads to about 50 OTHER decisions. I don’t have nook cushions as of yet (it’s so DIFFICULT UGH), but I really, really, want them. Soon.

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