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Five Buys That Are Absolutely Worth The Splurge

Five Buys That Are Absolutely Worth The Splurge

I love a bargain. Not only do you get what you want, but you get it for LESS. If I got something for a steal, that becomes THE thing I want to share with you. It’s my version of “It has pockets!” But there’s something to be said for spending more on something truly great. These are the things that I wouldn’t necessarily were worth the extra money, but now that they’re in my life, I know they are worth every penny. And, because I can’t change who I am, I will also tell you how you can get a few of these things at a discount.


Simple Human 8-inch Sensor Mirror

The whole story of my vanity mirror situation is here, so I won’t repeat it. I will say that I used a truly terrible mirror for a year and decided to go big with my replacement. I knew that the Simple Human 8-inch Sensor Mirror was a great purchase the second I took it out of the box. Also, the list price is $200, but you don’t have to pay that much. I used the Bed Bath and Beyond membership that saves you 20% on almost everything. Also, there are two (more expensive) Simple Human mirrors in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year.

Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

I actually didn’t remember that Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment cost $52 until I told my mom to get some. I looked it up on the Sephora app and said, “Ok, so it’s $52, and honestly at that price I would not buy it, but I have used it so now I can say that it’s worth it.” (My mom bought some and is obsessed with it.) That interaction was also how I got the idea for this little list. The Cicapair cream is an amazing product for those of us who have lighter skintones that tend to get a little red and/or blotchy. It is super lightweight and has physical SPF 30 built right in. It’s skincare, but also neutralizes your redness enough that you don’t need to slather on foundation, so it’s kind of like makeup. And that $52 tub lasts FOREVER. I raved about this miracle cream before, but it bears repeating: WORTH IT.


Yeti Rambler Tumblers

I bought my first 20oz Yeti Rambler Tumbler because I am CONSTANTLY forgetting that I have made myself tea, and then end up chugging lukewarm-to-cold tea just so I don’t waste all my tea-making effort. (Here is my initial Yeti review, back when I just had one.) I liked my Yeti so much, I bought a second one when REI had a sale. I liked my TWO Yetis so much, I bought a 30oz Rambler Tumbler and a straw/lid to use for ice water, which I will drink so much more of if it’s cold - the icier the better. There are knockoff Yetis everywhere from TJ Maxx to Target, but these products are so life changing, I think you should shell out for the real deal.

Dyson Vacuum

Not only have I written about how much I love my Dyson Vacuum, I also wrote about how I planned out, months in advance, how and when I would buy it. (I bought a V6 Animal Stick Vacuum, which is no longer available. If I bought today, I’d get this one.) Dyson anything is expensive, but Dyson products also go on sale pretty regularly, if you know where to look. Costco regularly has Dyson vacuums and fans for up to $200 off! I bought mine on Black Friday, at a nice discount that made it feasible, while still pricy. But if you know what you want, make a plan, and stick to it, your vacuum dreams can come true. Now, if only I could come up with a plan like this to get a Dyson Hairdryer…

TSA PreCheck/Nexus

Do you take more than two flights a year? Is it difficult, in any way for you to go through airport security? You should have TSA PreCheck. It’s not difficult to get, and while it seems like a hefty charge upfront, it lasts for five years, which comes out to $17 a year. If you divide that by each time you go through security, your cost is even less. If you value your time like you value your money, then you are SAVING by having TSA PreCheck. I cannot express how much I think you need this in your life, but you can read more of my thoughts on the subject here. Now, do you live near a border or cross a border frequently? My parents now live very close to the US/Canada border, and we all got Nexus passes, which are like TSA PreCheck but for border crossings. You get a different line that moves quickly, and sometimes saves you over an hour of waiting to cross. Added bonus: If you get a Nexus Pass, it also includes TSA PreCheck. Honestly it’s a bargain.

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