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Wear, Watch, Want #109: The Rainy Short Solstice Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #109: The Rainy Short Solstice Edition

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Wear: Everlane City Anorak

I got this rain jacket because I needed a no-nonsense coat to wear in the rain. This coat is AMAZING. It’s super simple, but the sleeves are long, the hood is enormous, and it’s big enough to wear layers underneath, but it doesn’t look super baggy if you’re wearing nothing but a thin tee under it (there’s a hidden drawstring at the waist). This was part of my first ever Everlane order, in which I bought four items and planned to return at least one of them. They were ALL PERFECT. I kept the whole lot. This jacket, though, has already gotten tons of mileage. If you live somewhere where it rains even occasionally, you need this jacket, STAT.


Watch: Midsommar

Midsommar is a slow burn of a movie. It’s what Netflix categorizes as “cerebral horror,” a term that is utterly obnoxious. However, seeing as I am regularly recommended cerebral horror films, and like them, it is also extremely my shit.

I left the theater thinking, ‘Yeah, ok, fine,” and two days later found myself thinking, “Man, I really liked a lot about Midsommar!” So when I tell you it’s a slow burn, I mean a DAYS LONG slow burn. One thing I knew I liked immediately, however, was the style. If you’re a nerd for filmmaking and cinematography, you’ll LOVE this movie. So many great shots! So many different techniques!

This is also a movie without a super clear cut ending. I read the Wikipedia summary after, because I wanted to clarify something, and they give a characters motivation for an action (I’m steering VERY clear of spoilers - I personally love spoilers but I recognize that I am virtually alone in that), and I think they’re COMPLETELY wrong! She didn’t do it out of bitterness! She did it as one last gesture of love!

So: See Midsommar, bring a friend, argue about the plot after. You’ll have a blast!

Want: (More) Jockey Slipshorts

It’s summer, allegedly. It’s been cold and rainy here all week and I have been LOVING it, but it does occasionally get hot. I love to wear dresses in the summer, but the joy of warm weather and dresses is often overshadowed by one’s thighs uncomfortable rubbing together. I don’t really get chafing, at least not as bad as I’ve seen/heard that others experience, but it is uncomfortable! I was NOT interested in buying Spanx or other shapewear, but I did want some shorts to make my dress days more comfortable. Jockey to the rescue! These shorts are exactly what I was looking for. They’re tight, so the fact that my hips and waist are dramatically different measurements isn’t an issue (I bought a pair of under shorts from an unnamed brand that are LOVELY but to get them to fit my thighs/butt, the waist is ENORMOUS). They’re not shapewear, but they do provide a slip-like buffer between you and your dress. They stay where they should, and let you move freely without worrying about flashing a stranger OR having your thighs get in a fight with each other. I bought one pair, and within an hour of wearing them ordered two more.

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