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Wear, Watch, Want #114: The Sporty Glass Bigfoot Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #114: The Sporty Glass Bigfoot Edition

WWW 114.png

Wear: Puma Sports Bras

I recently had a bra makeover, and that extended to sports bras as well. I went to Nordstrom Rack and grabbed what felt like one of everything, tried them ALL on, and left with three winners. Just like I felt I hadn’t been living until I got new bras, I felt like every workout was 40% better with new sports bras. I got three different bras from different brands, but it became clear that the best of the bunch was this one from Puma. It is SO good, in fact, that I went back to Nordstrom Rack and got that same bra in a different color, as well as this one.

Watch: Blown Away

I wasn’t sure I was interested in a glass blowing competition show, but after one episode of Netflix’s Blown Away, I was hooked. First of all, each episode of the show is less than a half hour long. There is one challenge, the contestants complete it, they are judged, someone wins, and someone gets sent home. THAT’S ALL WE NEED! Whoever had the idea to make this reality competition show so simple and QUICK deserves a raise. When a contestant gets kicked off, you get about 10 seconds of them waving goodbye to everyone, walking to the door and BOOM! Credits. No fuss, no manufactured drama.

I had so many thoughts and feelings while watching Blown Away, and I wrote them all down. Here they are:

“As a futurist, I spend a lot of time thinking about robots” (someone said this and I choked laughing)

Momo gets slammed by the judges doe using color poorly and she’s like, “How DARE the judges tell ME, an ARTEEST, how to use color!” (Momo was unaware that she was on a reality competition show?)

This show has the most random guest judges, like one from “Bono’s auction house”

SO MUCH shit talking. (Okay but for real, these glassblowers are vicious. They talk so much shit and give so much side eye. All their talking head segments were clearly filmed in one go, which means they just sat down and bashed everyone else for at least an hour straight)

Why is the host also a judge??? (The host is a YouTuber [??] and knows nothing about glass blowing and is somehow involved in the judging? This is never explained)

And they’re called evaluators instead of judges??????

Is the prize $60,000 because it’s $50,000 of Canadian money? (The show is filmed in Canada and they say “A $60,000 prize package” and do not go into much detail)

Deborah is the only person who is kind to her assistant. And she tells her she is a strong woman capable of manipulating glass! (As you will see soon, I became obsessed with Deborah)

Deborah saying she has to stay in the competition because she’s the only person with (multiple!) marginalized identities got me a BIT TEARY (Deborah also refers to her girlfriend as her “long-distance girlfriend” and I just… my heart!)

Deborah’s potatoes are extremely my shit, and that was BEFORE her explanation, which again, got me a bit choked up (THE POTATOES!!!!)

“It’s potato against orchid” DEBORAH YOU ARE KILLING ME

“The Thinker? By Rodin. It kind of looks like he’s on the toilet.” -Deborah, my love

When Deborah describes her final piece, where she addresses gender inequality through breakfast food, I screamed at the tv “Deborah this is PANDERING to me and I am INTO IT”

Finally: Watch Blown Away. It is fun and will take like three hours of your time. Also: DEBORAH!

Want: PNW Bigfoot Tee Shirt

Now that I’m a Pacific Northwesterner, I shop at REI even more than I did before. As you walk to the checkout, they have these tee shirts that I’ve become obsessed with. Particularly this one:


I don’t wear a lot of tee shirts, particularly graphic tee shirts, but I want this one.

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