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Wear, Watch, Want #119: The Polished Spanish Shampoo Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #119: The Polished Spanish Shampoo Edition

WWW 119.png

Wear: Nail Polish

On December 26, 2018, I shut my thumb in a car door. I FELT THE LATCH CLICK. My nail turned black and then the bottom half came off so I was left with the top of my thumb having one nail and the bottom having another. Then the top part came off, but the bottom nail hadn’t grown that long yet, so for awhile I had a nail on the lower half of my thumb and like, a huge callus on the top. THEN that nail was fully grown out, but because of slamming it in a door or it growing back weird, there was a HUGE dent in it. I had, essentially, a split-level nail. FINALLY, around the end of July/beginning of August, I had ten normal looking fingernails. The first thing I did was paint them. I forgot that I like nail polish! I forgot that while I keep my nails fairly short, they’re usually polished to perfection! BUT WE’RE BACK, BABY. I’m working my way through my nail polish collection, because I’ve missed them all so much, I need to let each and every shade know it’s still loved. Right now I’m wearing Essie Bahama Mama, which is a great color for someone who loves dark shades but wants to break out of the goth mold by going every so slightly (SLIGHTLY) lighter.

Watch: Élite, Again

I typically don’t repeat things in this series. I already wrote about Élite last year, when it premiered. BUT I love this show so much and I spent all my spare time binging the second season and it’s all I care about. If you haven’t watched Élite, how dare you. It is the soapy, sexy, teen drama you’ve been waiting all your life for. Each season is eight episodes, which is just right. They’re tight, there’s no filler, there are no laggy bits where you pull out your phone and get sucked into Twitter. This season managed to get rid of some old characters and introduce new ones, and it wasn’t clunky. It felt seamless! Cayetana and Valerio were always there, and Christian WHO?? Sure, there were things I didn’t like, but I generally disagree with takes like this, and think overall season 2 is good. Also:

How old is Nano? If you told me he was 40 I would say, “Yeah, that tracks.” I do not care at ALL that he loved Marina, because it makes him seem like a predator. I feel like the show says he’s like 20? Nah. Later in the season when he shows up at Las Encinas I screamed at the tv, “WHY IS THIS ADULT HANGING OUT AT A HIGH SCHOOL??”

Speaking of high school, Nadia was forced to take off her hijab because of the dress code, but Valerio and Rebeca get to waltz around in these getups? Why does this school even have uniforms?


Speaking of Valerio, when he showed up at the Halloween party I exclaimed, “Someone’s been watching Gentleman Jack!


And finally, it is far less distressing to see half-siblings Lu and Valerio hook up than it is to see Samuel with Carla. That is how nonsensical it is for Samuel and Carla to be together.

Want: A Dry Shampoo Subscription

I go through a lot of dry shampoo. So much so, that I thought to myself this week, “I would pay to have some sort of dry shampoo subscription, so it would just arrive at my house.” Then I realized this already exists. It’s possible to get my favorite drugstore dry shampoo, Not Your Mother’s, delivered through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. I always think about signing up for that, mainly for things like dog food and dog poop bags, but I never have. Perhaps my dry shampoo habit will be the thing that makes me go for it.

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