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Wear, Watch, Want #118: The Speedy, Forward-Thinking Hanger Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #118: The Speedy, Forward-Thinking Hanger Edition

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Wear: Athleta Speedlight Tank

I have two tops I wear to work out. Alo’s Heat Wave Tank, and Athleta’s Speedlight Tank. I own each of these in like, four colors, and I haven’t found anything I like as well. The Alo tank has served me well, and they’re still a part of my rotation, but I’ve fallen madly in love with Athleta’s Speedlight Tank. I wear one at least three times a week. It’s the perfect weight, it’s made of the best fabric that absorbs your sweat but doesn’t get gross, and they wash up like a dream. There’s also usually at least a few colors on sale as well, but know your size in advance, because they get snatched up fast. I’ll also add that I’m usually a medium/large, but I get an XL in this tank. It just gives me a little more space around my stomach, which I like. Athleta offers a lot of their most popular styles in sizes up to 3x, but not, I have just learned, the Speedlight Tank! This is the only downside of this tank, because, as I said, I wear the largest size they offer and I am not the largest sized person. Hopefully they are working to amend this. I’ll be watching.

While I’d suggest you never spend full price for the Alo Heat Wave Tank, I fully endorse paying full retail price for Athleta’s Speedlight Tank. The Alo tank is FORTY EIGHT American dollars, and I’d say you shouldn’t pay more than $25 for it. It’s on sale a lot - Google around. I own four and got them all for half price or less. The Speedlight Tank, however, is frequently on sale for around $30, but is absolutely worth the full $44. The fabric is divine, with proper care they will last an eternity, and I have - and will again - pay full price for them. AND now they come in this great heather version! I need… all of them.

Watch: Just… all of it, but in the future

I haven’t been watching anything in the past week. When I do watch TV, I’ve been continuing to work my way through Billions, but mostly I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading. BUT, I have been looking forward to any and all viewing that is coming up. OH MAN, the rest of 2019 is going to be a full slate of Good Stuff. Here’s some of what I’m waiting impatiently for:

  • I loved the first season of Élite, and the second season is out as I type this. I have some stuff to get done first but then? Then I’m gonna watch the whole thing in a weekend. SIDENOTE: I pronounce it “ELL-ee-tay” but on Keep It Ira says elite like, as an American. Is there a consensus on this? I thought I was pronouncing it correctly but maybe I just sound like an asshole! (Edited to add: I did a bit of research and I’m right. Whew.)

  • The new season of The Crown drops November 17 and I am READY. The first two seasons were fine, but now we’ve got Olivia Colman, an angel, playing Queen Elizabeth II. I will watch Olivia Colman in anything, and have, because she is just perfection.

  • There’s no release date yet, but Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings is coming to Netflix sometime this year. I’d guess Thanksgiving or the beginning of December. This is the anthology show were each standalone episode is based on a Dolly Parton song. I will be crying throughout.

  • The Internet keeps talking about Succession and when I’m caught up with Billions I’m going to watch. I feel like I will get them confused if I watch them both at the same time. I mean, they don’t air at the same time and I’m assuming this is the reason.

  • I’ve already planned my family’s Christmas movie viewing: Little Women and Cats. I am excited about both. Cats looks like utter nonsense (as is the source material) and I can’t IMAGINE what movie will come from that trailer. Little Women has been getting some pushback but I’m excited and Saoirse Ronan is, like Olivia Colman, a living angel who will only do right in my eyes. SECOND SIDENOTE: I wrote my college admission essay about how I was cast as Meg in my high school production of Little Women after narrowly missing out on Jo. Still mad about it.

Want: Hangers

I have… run out of hangers. I use slimline velvet hangers in a beige color, but I’ll get them anywhere. Originally, I bought the Real Simple branded ones from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but that was before they sold cheap 50 packs at every TJ Maxx. They’re even cheap at the Container Store! I tried to plan out when I would next be near a Home Goods, Marshall’s, or even the Container Store, but in the end laziness won out and I ordered some from Amazon. I’m also planning to do some closet weeding, because I haven’t had to buy hangers in at least 5 years and I feel like this is a sign of… something.

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