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Bare Minerals Makeup

Bare Minerals Makeup

I've always been really interested in makeup. As a kid I'd steal every "free gift with purchase" that my mom got from various makeup counters and practice putting on lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush. Then I grew up and started wearing makeup for real, and in a way it got even more exciting. I wasn't just pretending to be a pretty lady - I was turning myself into one for realsies. And when I discovered Sephora? Oh my god. Every time I stepped through those doors I immediately got drunk on Sephora's wonderland of cosmetics. Although I have sensitive, acne prone skin, I can usually use any makeup without any harmful side effects. And as a makeup junkie, I've tried just about everything. Still, I like my basic makeup (concealer, foundation, etc) to be as gentle and light as possible, while still covering and evening out all my problem areas. After trying about a gazillion different combinations of products, I decided to try Bare Minerals Makeup. And it changed my life.

You've probably heard of Bare Minerals, or their parent company, Bare Escentuals. Their tagline is "makeup so pure you can sleep in it," and they're not lying. Bare Minerals is made of, duh, minerals, and not much else. There are no wacky chemicals, preservatives, poisons, or whatever other gross stuff is in your average tube of concealer. It doesn't have that "makeup smell" (which I hate, and almost all makeup has, particularly if it's from the drugstore). Plus, all the products work together in a great little routine to make your face look flawless, while still leaving you looking like YOU.

I bought the Starter Kit at Sephora* about a year ago and immediately fell in love. I would preach the good word about Bare Minerals to anyone who would listen. It was amazing how a small amount of magical mineral powder could make me look like I'd been airbrushed.

But then! BUT THEN! I was in the mall with my mom, and she was telling me how she needed a new makeup routine. I of course went into my Bare Minerals pitch, and she wisely listened to me and decided to join the Mineral Makeup Cult. There was a Bare Escentuals store in this particular mall, and we went in and got makeovers from a super nice makeup artist. Actually, my mom got a makeover to learn how to use the system, and then I was jealous so I asked for one too. Turns out, I wasn't using my Bare Minerals makeup to its full potential! Imagine finding out your amazing, airbrushing makeup could be MORE AMAZING. For the second time Bare Minerals had changed my life. I cannot stress enough how much it helped to get my makeup done at the Bare Escentuals store. The Starter Kit comes with an instructional DVD, and the employees of Sephora are very knowledgeable, but these cannot guide you like a real life Bare Escentuals makeup artist can.

If you're looking for some pure, clean makeup that will make you look and feel like five million bucks, look no further than Bare Minerals. I'd recommend getting the Bare Minerals Starter Kit, and maybe some concealer (depending on your makeup needs), then adding more products or altering your routine as needed. (I've added a blush and concealer to my kit, as well as an additional brush. I've also tried the eyeliner and mascara, which are awesome.)

*The Starter Kits are slightly different at Sephora and Bare Escentuals, but since I got mine at Sephora, that's the one I'm reviewing. The kits don't differ enough that I'd recommend one over the other - I'm sure they're both equally life changing.

Bare Minerals Starter Kit(From Sephora): $60

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