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Gift Guide 2013: Volume I

Gift Guide 2013: Volume I

Each year since 2007 (2007!) I have curated a selection of the most wonderful gifts known to... me. This is the annual Gift Guide, and it has become a much anticipated event. At least TWO people have asked me when the Gift Guide is going to be published. Sadly, this notoriety has completely gone to my head and I am now a fame-hungry monster. In all truth, I'm a gal who loves to online shop and recommend awesome stuff to people, so the Gift Guide is kind of my favorite thing ever and I look forward to making it more than anyone could possibly look forward to looking at it. This holiday season is a bit of a rough one for me, what with unexpectedly and urgently needing to find a new HOME. The point being (besides that I'm currently in a state of pre-homelessness) that while I normally take an exorbitant amount of time coming up with themes and color schemes for my Gift Guide, this month is a bit of a meshugaas. Not to say these are not the most amazing finds you have ever seen collected in one place! As if! I am a professional! But a bit of a scatterbrained, stressed, pre-homeless professional at the mo. Anyway, enough of my excuses. Let's get to the goods.

1. Astrological Jewelry Stand via Urban Outfitters (online only) $20

I have a hand just like this, but mine is a vintage rubber glove mold. God help me, hat might be the GOOPiest thing I've ever typed. Forgive me. But for realsies, I have a rubber glove mold, bought at a flea market, that I keep in my kitchen next to my jar of utensils. It looks a lot like this, but without the palmistry stuff added. While I don't use it as a jewelry stand, my big ceramic hand is one of those things that I love, but might not buy for myself, AKA the perfect gift.

2. Dancers Tea Tray by Depeapa via Etsy $38

I love this tray so much. Seriously, if you buy this for me we will be BFFs. This artist has some great work on their Etsy store, and I'm so in love with these dancers I'm considering asking her to make a print of it for me. THAT'S LOVE.

3. World Globe in Aquamarine via Z Gallerie $80

I love globes. If I could I'd have bookcases and bookcases of just globes. Maybe in my new apartment! I'll put that on my new home wish list.

4. Happy Jackson Pencil Case via ASOS $13

This is a great pencil/makeup brush/drug paraphernalia case for your most modest friend.

5. Stego Keepsake Box via ModCloth $24

As you should already know, dinosaurs are my favorite animals. I also like little boxes to keep treasures and secrets in. Therefore, I think this little box is LOVELY.

6. Threshold Gold Jewelry Box via Target $20

I actually own this box. I keep it on my coffee table to hold a phone charger, some small, seldom-used remotes, and whatever else I want contained. It comes in many sizes and patterns, and is completely affordable for something that looks so luxe.

7. Slim Coffee Pot via MoMA $88

I don't use fancy coffee or tea pots, and yet, I want this desperately. It's so aesthetically pleasing and would be just as useful as an art piece as it would as a coffee pot. I just want to look at it all day.

Gift Guide 2013: Volume II

Gift Guide 2013: Volume II

Hanky Panky Retro Thong

Hanky Panky Retro Thong