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Gift Guide 2013: Volume II

Gift Guide 2013: Volume II

1. Turban Beanie via Anthropologie: $32

It's a cozy, warm beanie that looks like a turban. Are you kidding me? Of course everyone needs one.

2. Venom Ring via Inez: $75

This ring is a bunch of fangs, which is cool, but what's even cooler is that you can flip it around to make it a CROWN OF FANGS.

3. Metallic Satchel via J. Crew: $205

Would I pay $205 for this bag? No. Would it be nearly impossible to maintain this bag's metallic glory while also using it enough to make your cost-per-wear remotely justifiable? YES. Doesn't mean it's not awesome, though.

4. Pizza Pendant in Sterling Silver by ThirdMeaning via Etsy: $105

Now THIS, my friends, is worth every penny.

5. Heart Compact via Marc Jacobs: $7

This is one of those little trinkets that you can get at a Marc by Marc Jacobs store that are inexpensive but feel somehow better than any other inexpensive trinkets out there. I have this compact, and it makes checking your teeth for stray lipstick much more fun and chic.

6. The New Black Ombre Nail Polish Set via Sephora: $22

I like the trend of ombre nails, but I don't like the idea of searching through a million bottles of nail polish to curate my own ombre nail look. These kits make it super easy, come in quite a few color palettes, and will cost you a lot less than five individual bottles of polish.

7. Lulu Guinness Wild Cat Makeup Bag via ASOS: $100

I cannot get over this bag. I have a weakness for makeup bags, and this one is so completely fab I can't even describe its fab-itude. JUST LOOK AT IT.

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