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Gift Guide 2016: All Things Copper

Gift Guide 2016: All Things Copper


Copper is so hot right now, guys. Poldark is ostensibly a show all about copper being hot. Ross Poldark gets so hot mining for copper that he has to take his shirt off to chisel away at unapologetic rock while we stare unapologetically at his chiseled bod. Then he returns home to his copper-haired wife Demelza to get in a really sexy argument. All this is to say: Copper is a big trend right now, and you should really be watching Poldark.

1. Copper Flat Light from Fireworks Gallery $11

This baby flashlight is not only a handy tool - it's stylish too. A great gadget to have around if you want to be prepared for a blackout but also want to be known as "the cute one" in the apocalypse.

2. Eve Lom Kiss Mix Disco Ball from Space NK $22

Eve Lom Cleansing Balm is THE cleansing balm. It's also super pricy. If you want to get a little taste of what this holy grail skincare brand is all about, but don't want to drop a whole paycheck on the experience, why not give this lip balm a try? This little ornament is selling out like crazy, but it's the the exact same product, sans disco flair, if you buy Kiss Mix in its usual packaging.

3. Oval Shape Bangle from COS $35

COS has great jewelry. And clothes. And bags. Listen, if you like to wear gorgeous clothes in comfortable fabrics and modern, classic styles, COS is the place for you. This bangle is simple, but it's oblong shape adds a little visual interest. I'm not a bracelet person, and even I'm interested in this. That's the magic of COS.

4. Wire Mesh Copper Basket from West Elm $40

This is the type of thing I'd pick up in the store and think, "Yeah, Sarah, but what would you put in this?" And I'd answer myself, "What wouldn't I put in this?! Remote controls! Oranges! Dog toys! The possibilities are endless!" Apparently I'm no the only one, because this basket, which comes in three sizes, is selling out amazingly fast.

5. Have Time, Will Travel Alarm Clock from ModCloth $40

Do you need to spend $40 on a copper travel alarm clock? You absolutely do not. But is this clock freaking adorable? Yes.

6. Acorn 'Novella' Scuff Slippers $60

These slippers aren't too cutesy, but they aren't too serious. They're the slippers of a woman who wears classy pajamas. They're the slippers of a woman from a TV show who wakes up and her classy pajamas aren't wrinkled. Who is this woman? Why did she wake up with perfect eye makeup? We'll never know. But we do know where she got those slippers.

7. Set of Four Copper Measuring Spoons from Crate & Barrel $15

I do a lot of baking and I really, really want copper measuring spoons. They're so shiny and beautiful, I think if I had them I might not be able to use them. I'd just look at them lovingly and continue using my $3 set from TJ Maxx. You know, like a lunatic.

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