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Gift Guide 2016: Enamel Pin Madness!

Gift Guide 2016: Enamel Pin Madness!


Enamel pins are the hottest thing in accessories. I myself have quite a collection - not only because I love a good lapel pin, but also because I went through two year long phase as a child where I wore nothing but overalls, and I liked to put pins on the bibs. I still have a good selection of my faves from those good ol' days (I completed the outfit with floral high tops and a flannel over-shirt. The 90s!). Here are a few enamel pins to add to your collection, get your menagerie started, or just admire on the overall bib of a straight up child fashionista.

1. Iris Apfel Enamel Pin by ShopKerryLarue $8

Not only is this Iris Apfel pin a wonderful tribute to the fashion icon, it's just plain beautiful.

2. Parks and Recreation Pawnee Goddesses Pin by Heartificial $7

Season 4, Episode 4 "Pawnee Rangers" may be one of my favorite episodes of Parks & Rec. Like any sane person, I want to be a Pawnee Goddess. Is this pin going to join my collection soon? You know it is.

3. Chicago Style Hot Dog Pin by The Found $10

I own this pin. Why? Because Chicago style hot dogs are freakin' delicious.

4. Flying Squirrel Enamel Pin by boygirlparty $10

This little squirrel is so cute, I can actually feel my heart growing three sizes too big.

5. Feminist Enamel Lapel Pin by Word For Word Factory $12

Last year for Christmas I bought my mom and myself each one of these pins. My mom is the person that got me in to pin collecting and militant feminism! Awwww!

6. Freddie Mercury Enamel Pin by ArthursPlaidPants $10

Doesn't this pin make you smile? Or are you dead inside?

7. Skeleton Baby Pin by These Are Things $10

These Are Things has a great selection of enamel pins, but I decided to limit myself to just one, and this adorable lil' skeleton won.

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