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Gift Guide 2017: Home & Away

Gift Guide 2017: Home & Away

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Snuggly Sweater Candle by Chesapeake Bay Candles $10

I'm not one for spending a lot of money on candles, seeing as you're just going to set them on fire. This scent is one of my favorites (not too floral, but not too musky), you can buy it at Target, and the cost for what you get is perfectly proportional. 

Cream and Black Kitchen Towel by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia $4

The decorating on Fixer Upper is not my style, so color me shocked as hell when Chip and Joanna Gaines's line for Target was chock a block full of stuff I love. I scrolled through the site absolutely agog at how many things I wanted to buy. Their kitchen towels in particular have stolen my heart. They're classic, clean, and homey. I need ten. 

Let's Stay Home Banner by ZanaProducts $30

This is a fantastic Etsy shop and I suggest you take a lil' scroll through all of her offerings.  

Classic Water Resistant Slippers by Ugg $70

I've mentioned my favorite Ugg Ansley slipper a few times, but I'm in need of some new slippers and I'm thinking of making a switch to these puppies. However, I'm still staying in the Ugg family, because my WORD, Ugg slippers are just heavenly. 

Radiant Creamy Concealer Mini by NARS $13

This is my Holy Grail concealer (here's a review) and I am shocked that I don't already have the mini size. The mini concealer comes in three shades: Vanilla, Custard, and Hazelnut. (Less than the 16 shades offered in full size, but decent!) I was thrilled to see that they made my shade (vanilla) - usually with small sizes like this they don't make a color light enough for me (IT Cosmetics,  I impatiently await the day you make a CC Cream mini in Fair.)

Super Soft Square Lightweight Viscose Scarf by ASOS $26

My favorite place to buy scarves was American Apparel. Just last week I got a compliment on one of my circle scarves and I said, "Thanks! It's from American Apparel so if anything happens to it I will cry actual tears." The enormous American Apparel scarves really proved their usefulness while traveling. They can be used as pillows, blankets, germ-blocking face masks, and windchill blockers in case you're seated next to an aggressive air-vent user. I always have my eye out for a backup, and this one from ASOS looks like a winner. 

The Carry-On by Away $225

I need a new suitcase and the pressure to buy one from Away is so real. They're a bit out of my price point, but man is that a sick looking suitcase. 

Five Piece Packing Cube System by TravelWise $23

I travel a fair bit, and every time I pack I think, "I should get into packing cubes." Maybe getting a new suitcase will push me over the edge. Anyway, if I got these as a gift I'd be way into it, but I also asked for an electric toothbrush for Christmas when I was a child. 

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