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Adventure Forever With Shoes That NEVER Come Untied

Adventure Forever With Shoes That NEVER Come Untied

I love reading about life hacks, but I find most of them irrelevant or unachievable. So many life hacks that come up on my Pinterest page could be summed up as, "Tear down your house and rebuild it this way. Isn't that better?!" Sure, great, I will never do that but it was a fun way to waste six minutes. I recently read a life hack, though, that honestly changed my life. And now I'm going to pass it along to you. I wear tennis shoes a lot, and I kept having to deal with the laces getting untied. This was a real problem, because I would be wearing my tennis shoes at the dog park, so when I'd bend down to tie my shoe I'd get body checked by an overly friendly labrador (not the most unpleasant thing, but I would end up falling on my butt). If I wasn't at the dog park, I'd usually be walking Hero, and we tend to walk around the 'hood and find our way to the coffee shop. This means that I'd be walking home with a hot drink in one hand and a muscly Boston terrier's leash in the other hand, and sometimes even a dog poop bag in that hand as well. And THEN my shoelace would come undone. It was a real kerfuffle. UNTIL NOW.

How To Tie Your Shoes (Really)

Normally I'd tie my shoelaces by making a loop out of one and going over the top of it with the other lace. Then you tuck it under and, well, I'm assuming here that you know how to tie your shoes. If you don't, this is not the right webpage for you.

Shoelaces 2.jpg

The hack part is this: You make the loop as usual, then you take the other lace and you put it UNDER the loop. This feels completely unnatural for me and I still have to tell myself, "Under. UNDER!" But it's the secret to happiness. And solidly tied shoes.

Shoelaces 3.jpg

When I have the non-loop tie going under and it's time to pull it through the bottom and make a second loop the whole operation looks like some real cat's cradle nonsense. I honestly look like I learned how to tie shoes two days ago and I'm still not super confident about the whole operation.

Shoelaces 4.jpg

But when it's all said and done, those suckers are TIED. They aren't going anywhere. My shoelaces used to loosen up every 45 minutes. Now? I tie 'em and forget 'em. I walk the dog, take him to the park, run some errands, and my shoes are never once my concern. It's such a huge change in my life that I'm writing a blog post about it. Give it a shot. Or if you've always been tying your shoes like this, why didn't you share with the class?!

Shoelaces Finished.jpg

And because here at This You Need we take every opportunity to make each moment a shopping moment, here are the fab styles seen in this tutorial (I know you wondered about that nail color - I got you).

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