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The One Thing You NEED From Ikea

The One Thing You NEED From Ikea

Ikea has furnished roughly half my home. My couch, my desk, my dresser, and so much more are all from Ikea. Not to mention countless accessories. I am a big Ikea advocate, particularly if you're a young person with limited funds. There's one Ikea item, though, that I think every person needs. I don't care if you're a starving student or Scrooge McDuck, you will find a use for Ikea's RÅSKOG Cart.

I use the RÅSKOG in my entryway, where it is lovingly referred to as "The Dog Cart," because it's where I keep all Hero's accouterments, as well as my keys, sunglasses, spare lipgloss, and any other various items I might need as I'm heading out the door. I bought a few items to help organize my RÅSKOG while I was at Ikea, and they all came together to make a great little console for entryway organization. Allow me to walk you though how I use the RÅSKOG, and perhaps inspire you to find new ways to buy/use/love a RÅSKOG of your very own.

The top rack is more for my stuff than Hero's. I have a plant for a little visual interest, as well as a ceramic bowl from Anthropologie for mints, chapstick, and some little-used keys. The larger wooden bowl is from Ikea, and holds my regular keys, a parking pass for guests, and some sunglasses.

The second rack is adjustable, but I chose to keep it equidistant from the top and bottom shelves. I use that shelf for Hero's leash. Because the cart's shelves are slotted, the metal clip on Hero's leash could get caught, so I bought a larger version of the wooden bowl on the top shelf to keep things more organized and a little less tangly. Plus, I can throw extra poop bags or something I need to remember on a walk into the bowl so I won't forget it.

The third rack is a catchall/storage section. The fabric boxes were another Ikea purchase, and luckily fit perfectly in the space provided. In the larger box on the left I keep a hat, headphones, a spare leash for Hero, and a bandana that he sometimes wears when he's feeling snazzy. The right box has extra poop bags (I buy them in bulk, so that  box is practically full of them), as well as some baby wipes to clean up Hero's paws after any particularly dirty walks.

I'm still in the process of decorating my entryway. Eventually I hope to add a mirror and some artwork to this wall, but I'm happy to have my RÅSKOG cart with everything I need to get out the door, either with the dog or not. It's so incredibly handy, and I know that if I ever find something else for my entryway that I prefer, there are about a million other places I could put the RÅSKOG to good use. I'm so convinced of the universal usability of this cart, I think everyone could use one, in one way or another. And for $50, it's an amazing bargain. And it comes in cream and gray, if turquoise isn't your speed. The next time you're at Ikea, stumped for a solution to your organization needs, head to the kitchen section and check out the RÅSKOG. It's just what you need.

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