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Wear, Watch, Want #30: The Golden Hemp Revolution Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #30: The Golden Hemp Revolution Edition


Wear: The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

My hands get insanely dry. No matter the season, my hands will ache they are so dry. I get eczema on my hands, so that's an added issue. I'm a constant hand washer too, which I'm sure is only aggravating the problem. Plus, I have a dog that would love to attach himself to my body somehow and live on my person forever, so if I'm wearing any kind of lotion he's there, licking it like a complete psycho (which is not only gross, but it dries the hell out of your hands!). I guess what I'm trying to say is, for someone who does absolutely no manual labor, my hands are quite abused. Luckily, I have The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector. I mentioned this hand lotion briefly in my Fibro Flare Survival Kit post, and it certainly has been necessary for my hands' survival this week. It's honestly the best hand lotion I have ever used. It's not overly fragrant, it absorbs quickly so you can get on with your life, it keeps your hands from feeling like they're going to dry up and fall off, and best of all, somehow it's not insanely tempting to a dog who wants to investigate anything and everything about you (so this hand protector actually stays on my hands and does its protecting). Hallelujah!

Watch: Good Girls Revolt

Amazon is weird with their original programming. They have a "pilot season" where they show pilots of their shows (even the ones that they've already picked up for full series), and the idea is that the viewers give feedback and decide which shows will become full series based on what gets the best user ratings and reviews. I've read some articles about this that explain that this system is bullshit, and Amazon doesn't really use user feedback at all, so who knows? I know I've read user reviews that say, " I really hope this show gets a full series!" When it's a show that Amazon bought straight to series outright, and that's easily Google-able public knowledge, so relying on Amazon customers for any intel may not be the wisest move anyway. I DIGRESS.

I watch most of the pilots during "pilot season." I did not, however, watch Good Girls Revolt. I was not familiar with the book it's based on, but I read the quick synopsis and saw the cover art and thought, "Naw, this will annoy you."

I've talked before about how sometimes bad advertising happens to good TV shows. This happened to Good Girls Revolt. It's not even an ad! It's the cover art for the Amazon pilot! There's only one episode of this show! But that image was enough to make me go, "UNGH."

See, I am a raging feminist. Like, an in-your-face feminist. I have a degree in gender studies, I can hold my own in a conversation about feminist theory. My concentration in school was popular culture, so I focused on how gender and sexuality and social justice and oh my dog (typo and I'm keeping it) so many other things were represented in pop culture and you know what? I can't turn that off. So while it's completely awesome that television and movies are including diverse storylines, they're not always doing such a bang up job. (I got on a real tangent there, which happens EVERY time I start on a social justice rant. It has nothing to do with my original point, BUT it does give me a chance to tell you to read this article on Autostraddle about trans women on TV, which will more articulately explain what I'm talking about.) Basically, I was worried that Good Girls Revolt was going to be like, "girl power!" but without any real substance behind it (because that's what that cover image is), and I'd get, frankly, belligerent.

Back to Good Girls Revolt. It was Christmas. I was in bed, bored, and I decided, "Hell, why not give it a chance?" So I watched this pilot on my iPad while curled up in my Grandma's guest room. And I loved it. I laughed, I cried, I felt bad for thinking I'd hate it outright. Sure, it was a little hokey, but I was totally okay with it. There's a wonder article about the pilot, the book the show was inspired by, and basically, a lot of my own feelings mirrored by the author, Kate Dries, that you can read here. Good Girls Revolt has been picked up for a full 10 episode series by Amazon, and I'm excited to watch the whole cheesy, uplifting thing.

Want: Big Ass Gold Frame

I have a crafty project I'm planning, and to complete it, I need a big ass gold frame. I thought it would be a lot easier to find, but apparently stores do not have the same taste I do. I wonder what would happen if I walked into a home store and said, "Pardon me, could you direct me to the Blanche Devereaux Collection?"

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Free Audiobooks - With No Strings Whatsoever

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