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Wear, Watch, Want #70: The Teenage Glitter Storage Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #70: The Teenage Glitter Storage Edition

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Wear: Nordstrom 8.0ct Cubic Zirconia Studs

When I was in high school I bought these enormous rhinestone studs from H&M and wore them all the time. I loved them. I wore them to a job interview in college (because I wore them all the time) and after I got the job, my interviewers told me that part of the reason they liked me was my earrings. They said something like, "What a bold move to wear earrings like that to a job interview." This could be seen as a snarky comment, but I see it as a recognition of my character. I am bold. I am the type of person who would own earrings I referred to as "Liberace Earrings" and then wear said earrings to a job interview.

Unfortunately, this story has a dark end. I was wearing my Liberace Earrings in Las Vegas and when I got back to my hotel room, one of them was gone. I assume the weight of such a massive rhinestone pulled it from my ear, and it was left somewhere on the Strip, cold and unappreciated. This happened over 10 years ago and I've been looking for a decent replacement ever since.  

During the Nordstrom Anniversary sale there was a big display of CZ studs in multiple sizes. THIS was what I was looking for. I got the biggest ones they sold, and with the sale price, plus a Nordstrom Note they were about $20. (I do regularly check that they're still in my ears whenever I wear them.)

Watch: To All the Boys I've Loved Before

When I saw that Jenny Han's To All the Boys I've Loved Before was getting a movie adaptation I was thrilled. I followed her news about the movie, and watched every Instastory she posted from her set visit. My immediate thought was, "I will see this movie, I don't care how bad it is." Because we readers have been burned SO MANY TIMES by adaptations of our favorite books. So many great books (particularly YA books) are turned into frankly, shitty movies. But I see them all. I was even planning on paying for a rental or going out to whatever sketchy theater I needed to so that I could support TAtBILB. I wrote about the movie (almost a year ago!) here. I was ready. 

I was honestly a bit relieved when TAtBILB was released on Netflix - I wouldn't have to travel to a random theater or pay $6 for a crap movie - but then, BUT THEN, the movie was fantastic. 

 I've watched it three times since its release date. I'll probably watch it ten more times before the year is up. Do you know how thrilling this is for so many people? Not just those of us who have suffered through endless shitty book adaptations, but (arguably more importantly) also young Asian American women who get to see a romantic lead that looks like them. And now more studios will realize just how wild people will go over great adaptations of well-loved books. So hopefully, we'll get even more of them. 

Want: Crate & Barrel Stow Ottoman

In my den, there's not enough room for a coffee table, but there's a need for something in that coffee table space, either to rest your feet or set a drink. The perfect solution for this problem? Crate & Barrel's Stow Ottoman. This leather cube ottoman has a top that lifts off, allowing for storage, and when you flip the top over there's a tray that's perfect for holding a drink and a snack. I first discovered these ingenious ottomans years ago, and when I needed a solution for this space I knew one of these would be perfect. I also bought my ottoman during Crate & Barrel's upholstery sale, so it was 20% off (it's so perfect I was prepared to pay full price, but it's always nice not to). Update: I have bought the stow ottoman in Onyx and it IS perfect. 

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