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Wear, Watch, Want #75: The Viral Pocket Makeover Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #75: The Viral Pocket Makeover Edition

WWW 75.png

Wear: Lou & Grey Pocket Tee

If you love comfy clothes made out of super soft materials, and you don’t know about Lou & Grey, let me tell you: You’re missing out. Lou & Grey is the BEST place to find your coziest essentials. Take, for instance, this pocket tee shirt. It is the softest. The sleeves are the perfect length. It fits like an absolute dream. I am not eager to say that I, a civilian, look better than a professional model, but in this case… this shirt looks better on me than it does on this model. I’ve got a fair few more curves than this lovely girl, and this shirt is GREAT for my body shape. I should have bought at least one more, because now it’s on sale and sold out in my size. If you are able, buy this shirt. I’ve worn it three times a week for MANY weeks since I’ve bought it.

Watch: Stay Here

I frequently turn on HGTV when I need a little background noise. It’s easy to ignore, but if you need to take a break to judge other people’s decisions, it’s got you covered. Netflix has been trying to break into the HGTV/Food Network/TLC area for awhile, and typically these shows do nothing to tempt me. There are a few exceptions, like Nailed It! for food competition (a genre I only care about if we’re talking Bake Off) and Stay Here for home design.

Stay Here isn’t just a home makeover show, it’s specifically about people who own vacation rentals and need help making them inviting. Genevieve Gorder is the designer, and Peter Lorimer is the marketing wiz. They work together to take crappy vacation rentals and turn them into (kind of literally) gold.

I have loved Genevieve Gorder since her Trading Spaces days. Maybe because that was over 15 years ago and I was an impressionable teen, but since then I’ve thought she was just the coolest. In Babysitter’s Club terms, Genevieve Gorder is the elusive Claudia/Dawn/Stacey hybrid - A perfect unicorn who also knows how to decorate a room. One of my favorite things about Stay Here is that they work on vacation rentals all over the country, and you get to see how Genevieve dresses in various cities and climates. I suppose this isn’t the point of the show, but for me it’s a real perk.

Peter Lorimer is on my naughty list because he says on the show that “comps” stands for competition in the real estate market, and that is flat out untrue (it’s comparables. And every one knows that). He’s also the one who insists that every house have an event or experience associated with a stay there. I don’t know if this is something made up for television, or if I’ve only stayed in sub-par rentals, but I have NEVER stayed at an AirBnB and had them offer me a cheese tasting or whatever. I don’t even know how this is supposed to work. Do they offer it as an upcharge? Is it something in a guide book left on the coffee table? I DON’T GET IT.

The real interesting part is seeing what these rental properties look like and what the owners are asking to stay there both before and after the renovations. All of these rentals are pretty gross when you first get a look at them, and it’s fascinating to see how they use the budget to remodel them, and the tips they give to the owners. They also don’t do that super annoying home renovation show thing where they say “OK! We have two weeks to take this place down to the studs and rebuild it!” That shit really irks me. They definitely work on a timeline, but they don’t make a big fuss about meeting it, or having some trivial “problem” come up to manufacture drama.

Stay Here is a great show if you like having the soothing sights and sounds of Genevieve Gorder on in the background while you edit photos or answer emails. There’s also a cohost, but let’s be real, this is The Genevieve Show.

Want: Internet Flats

I wrote about how I wanted to buy Tieks in Wear, Watch, Want #16. (That post is old enough that the Watch is a Chrome plugin that lets you watch Black Mirror, which at the time was very difficult to watch in the US.) I never did buy a pair, and now I’ve learned about Rothy’s, another online shop for viral flats. I’m very partial to the Rothy’s pointed toe flat, which is a fraction of the price of many Tieks styles. Rothy’s are also machine washable, which is nice now that I live in a place with weather. But on the other hand, Tieks are Oprah approved. I used the leopard print ones in the image because its’ my favorite color, but I think I’d probably get black ones. And then leopard print. If these flats are as good as everyone says, then I’ll probably need two pairs eventually, right? Anyway, I’m still a sucker for viral shoes, and now I have TWO to think about. I’ll update if I ever get it together and pull the trigger on one of these.

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