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Wear, Watch, Want #57: The Great Autumn Vest Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #57: The Great Autumn Vest Edition

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Wear: Athleta Vest

In LA we went from an unbearable heat wave to fall weather in a snap. It's as if we were being rewarded for tolerating 100+ degree temps with a string of cloudy days and crisp fall air. I am a fall-aholic, so I was ALL ABOUT the switch to fall weather. Once it hit 70 I was in sweaters and boots. Now we're seeing temperatures in the 60s and I can spot my fellow autumn enthusiasts, because we're all bundled up in scarves and jackets standing on the sidewalk next to tourists in tee shirts and shorts. One of my favorite elements for LA's "cooler" weather is my thin down vest from Athleta. It's the perfect thing to throw on when I'm going to take Hero to the park and I know it's going to be a little nippy once I've been out for awhile, but not cold enough to justify a heavy jacket or a bulky sweater. I bought my Athleta vest last year and the one I have doesn't seem to be on the site anymore. It's like this one but has a black zipper. So more like this one but without the fabric panels. I've worn it a zillion times in the past year and it still looks brand new, and it was definitely worth the $100 or so I paid for it. Also, I bought it to replace a North Face vest from the boys department I bought when I was in high school (I'm 30) which wasn't worn out, I was just ready for a vest made for an adult woman. What I'm saying is: Spend some coin on a nice black down vest and don't look back. 

Watch: Great News

As someone who grew up in the 90s, Must See TV was a big part of my young life. How will I explain to my children that there was a time when you had to stay home on Thursday night to watch TV, because God forbid you show up at work or school on Friday and not know what happened on Friends or Cheers or myriad others over the years. 

Of course, now we have DVRs and many people (myself included) don't even have cable. We're also in the era of "Peak TV" where there's so much to watch that it's rare for huge swaths of people to all be watching the same thing. Even so, there's been a shift in NBC's programming this season and I have been announcing to everyone that Must See TV is BACK, BABY*. The only difference is that now, at least for me, it's Friday morning and I watch by opening my laptop and going to Hulu. 

Great News is a workplace comedy centered around the employees of a cable news program. Katie is an up and coming producer who's mother (played by the always amazing Andrea Martin) gets an internship at the show. Katie has to balance her career goals, her high maintenance onscreen talent, her crush on her boss, and her very loving mother. 

This sitcom is a perfect combination of funny, heartwarming, absurd, and topical. Also, Great News has found the perfect job for American Treasure Nicole Ritchie. And while we're speaking of casting, Katie's boss Greg is played by none other than Adam Campbell, who had a star-making turn in my favorite terrible miniseries, Harper's Island

Great News premiered last spring with an abbreviated season that was fantastic, but very under the radar. I was pretty nervous about its renewal, but we were blessed with a second season, and if you all get wise and start watching, we can get even more!

*I keep using the phrase "Must See TV" and telling people NBC's Thursday night programming is fantastic, but in writing this I have discovered that NBC fully knows this and they have brought back Must See TV in their marketing for this season. And here I thought I was soooo clever. 

Want: Mrs. Meyers Mum Line

I needed some new hand soap for my bathroom and I saw a seasonal Mrs. Meyers display at Target featuring "mum" as a scent. As I mentioned above, I'm absolutely cuckoo crazy about all things fall, so you know I was immediately huffing every mum product I could get my greedy paws on. (Sidenote: I grew up in the Midwest and every fall my mom would buy mums to plant in the pots on our front steps, so to me mums go hand in hand with piles of crunchy fall leaves and taking photos in your Halloween costume.) I bought a hand soap and was on my way. 

I am now completely addicted to this scent. My Target was sold out of the hand soap when I went back, but the remaining candles were on sale and I bought two. I've also gone online and considered buying a whole box of surface spray and hand soap to get me through the winter. I am a maniac. 

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