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Wear, Watch, Want #67: The Painted, Timeless Collar Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #67: The Painted, Timeless Collar Edition

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Wear: Thin Mountain Rope Dog ID Collar

Last weekend my dad left the gate open and Hero got out. I had no idea he was missing for at least 10 minutes, and once I did know he was gone, I had no idea where he would have gone, as he's only lived here for about a month. Of course this also happened on a day where I didn't put on his collar. Luckily, he made it all of one block away, and was picked up by some absolutely wonderful people who were entertaining him in their house while sending out a search party, who eventually found us and reunited our little family. I bought this collar immediately after Hero got home. It's designed to be worn 24/7 as a sole ID collar - you can't attach a leash to it. It's super thin and made of mountain climbing rope - so it's comfortable for Hero to wear, lightweight, waterproof, and durable - basically it's as if he's not even wearing it, but it's always wearing it. 

Watch: Timeless

I had planned to write about Timeless after this season's finale, but this week they went and cancelled the show AGAIN before I could say how much I loved the season two cliffhanger and how much I was looking forward to season 3. 

UGH. That cliffhanger though. 

One of my favorite episodes of Roswell is when Future Max comes back in time to tell Liz not to have sex with him (Future Max is the only attractive Max, you can try to convince me otherwise but it is a futile battle), and when Future Wyatt and Future Lucy show up on Timeless I felt like I was in a lifeboat of my own, back with Future Max. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.49.16 PM.png

They say there may be a movie to wrap up the story, but I was led on once with a cancellation and then a resurrection only to have my heart broken once more. And after such a stellar season of a truly great show. Now when I tire of eulogizing Pitch (never. NEVER, PITCH YOU PERFECT ANGEL) I'll bring up how Timeless was also too good for this world, and certainly too good for NBC, those weasels. 

Want: Spot On Paint Applicator Kit

In my house, the one that I moved into a month (almost two!) that was recently completely remodeled, not one room is painted. Well, some of the rooms are painted, but not the final paint colors. I have some vague ideas of what paint colors I'm interested in, and I know the general color scheme I'm going for, but other than that, I have a house-sized canvas that needs ALL THE PAINT. Lowe's sells these ingenious Spot On Paint Applicator kits that are essentially paint sample post-its. You buy a sample pot of the paint you're considering, paint it on these little sticky squares, and then you can slap them up on your wall and see how it'll look. No covering up swatches when you decide on your final color, AND you can move your swatches from wall to wall, room to room. The Applicator kit comes with everything you need to make three swatches and only costs $8, and three extra sticky decals are only $4. 

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