What's your deal?

My name's Sarah.

I live in Los Angeles, but I'm originally from the Midwest.

I have a Boston terrier named Hero DeNiro.

I have a BA in Gender and Women's Studies.

I have an autoimmune disease.

I have multiple pieces of Jurassic Park themed artwork in my home.

What's this blog about?

I'm here to tell you about the things you need in your life. Not really. None of these things are what you need - It's a bit of a cheeky blog title. These are things that I've found that can solve a problem or make you happy or just be a cute sweater that you can see and go, "Cute sweater!" Life is tough, and this is a place to find some happiness through the frivolity of material possessions and TV shows.

There's a lot of beauty stuff here. What's that about?

There are two things I’ve been obsessed with for as long as I can remember: Art and beauty products. I never took a dance class or played a sport as a kid, because every time my mom asked what activities I was interested in, my answer was always, “ART!” So I took a million art classes and never played whiffle ball or whatever else. This interest in art extended into an interest in makeup. If you think about it, as a kid, why would I have wanted to paint on a canvas when I could paint on my own face?! The beauty bug has stayed with me my whole life, and now I find makeup to be a great way to express myself, and also help me feel more confident. Because I often feel pretty crappy, I find that if I take time to put on a little makeup, I can see myself not as a sick person, but as a strong woman who’s about to take life by storm. When you’re feeling down on yourself and your life, it’s amazing what some concealer and lipstick can do to perk you up.

You mentioned an autoimmune disease?

Oh brother. Strap in, my friend. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2006. I had three surgeries within four years (this is super unusual and extreme, by the way) and was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2011. My doctors thought I had a horrendous case of endometriosis, which I did (Sometimes it made me unable to walk. Ugh, right?), but they decided I probably also had undiagnosed fibro at the same time. THEN, in 2016 I was diagnosed with undifferentiated connective tissue disease, which I wrote a post about. I want to be open about my experiences so that non-sickos can understand the life of a Professional Sick Person a little better, and also provide support and recommendations to people who are dealing with illness. If you’re interested in more information about chronic illness, you should check out this “Letter to Normals,” which I think does a great job of helping a healthy person understand where us Spoonies are coming from. Oh, and an explanation of what a “Spoonie” is can be found here.

What about food. You eat weird food.

That's not a question, but comments about my diet usually aren't worded as such. I have a lot of food intolerances, and because of my disease(s) I have certain dietary restrictions. My body doesn't process certain carbohydrates properly, so I have to be careful about how much gluten, sugar, lactose, and even particular fruits and vegetables I eat. When I find good food that fits my weird diet, you can be sure I'm going to write about it here.

Do you get paid to write reviews?

Nope. Unless otherwise mentioned, everything I review has been paid for, tested, loved, and written about by yours truly. There are affiliate links and ads on the site. And listen, I use an adblocker myself, but I turn it off on small indie sites and I ask that you do me the same courtesy. Thank you! Did I mention your hair looks great today?

How often do you publish blog posts?

My typical publishing schedule is Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 7:00am Pacific. If you come to the site and don't see a new post, there's a very high probability that I'm dealing with some chronic illness stuff and I needed to focus on that for awhile. I would much rather be here, talking about lipstick and TV shows, but sometimes sickness takes over. I'll be back as soon as I can, and in the meantime you can always browse the archives to your heart's content.

Where else can I find you on the internet?

I have an Instagram, a Tumblr and a Twitter. Before I streamlined my schtick and started focusing on reviews/recommendations, I blogged at Don’t You Bongo. You can find links to some of my freelance writing here.