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Wear, Watch, Want #59: The Soft, Sleepy, Surgical Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #59: The Soft, Sleepy, Surgical Edition

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Wear: Athleta Restore Slim Ruched Pant

Over Thanksgiving I went to Athleta with the express purpose of purchasing new leggings. Athleta makes my favorite leggings (High Rise Chaturanga, as mentioned in Wear, Watch, Want #45), and I while the ones I bought a year ago are still going strong, I could use another pair. Also, can I take a moment to recognize that I bought a pair of these at Thanksgiving 2016 and have worn them for a full year, including while actually exercising, and they're still going strong? I didn't buy another pair to replace them, I bought another pair so I could do less laundry and still wear my favorite pants to Pilates class. FAVORITE. PANTS. 

Anyway, I was shopping with my mom, taking advantage of 20% off, and I pulled a pair of pants off the rack that I saw definite potential in. She, however, looked at them (and me) like this


I will grant you: On the hanger the Restore Slim Ruched Pants look weird. They are blousy in the hips and waist and at the knees the fabric changes to a ribbed, ruched material so the legs look like wriggly little worms. BUT, the fabric is sooo soft, and that alone was worth me giving them a shot. Once you have them on (and have a proper size, they run large), these pants are heaven. They're incredibly comfortable and the Hammer-pants-looking hip area is actually a benefit for those of us with a little extra in the hips/thigh/butt zone. It would seem like these pants would be baggy around your rump but once they're on they fit perfectly and aren't too snug, but aren't loose. The waistband is wide and high, which I love as well. You can pull the legs down over your heels (as seen in the above photo) or not, and because of the ruching it looks great either way. I love these pants so much that I've purchased another pair, which is the most sincere endorsement I can bestow. They are, to put it plainly, the best pants for high pain days. 

Watch: Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is currently in its 14th season, which is a long time for a show to run, but I feel like a fact that more accurately illustrates how long Grey's has been on TV is this: Grey's Anatomy premiered when I was in high school, and next month I'm turning 31. I was a Grey's Anatomy viewer for the first few seasons - I'm sure I stopped watching once I left for college (because when I went away to college there was no Hulu! There was no streaming TV and movies! We had to watch TV in the common room and it was horrible.) - but I picked it up again once I lived in a place with cable and stuck around till season 3 or 4. Time passed. Seasons changed. Then 2017 hit, and it hit like a piano falling on your head while you're casually walking down the sidewalk on your way to lunch. 

My way of escaping 2017 and the enormous waves of anxiety and despair that it dumped on me (plus the six month long flare up it triggered) was to watch Grey's Anatomy. Every episode of every season of Grey's Anatomy. And guys? I loved it. 

Grey's Anatomy was everything I needed in terms of 2017 escapism. It's got crazy medical stuff, soap opera drama, beautiful people smooching each other, and it's virtually never ending.  When I finally reached the end of season 13 it was late September, and it was time for the new season to start. Now I'm in real time, which is a bit of a bummer, but hey! It's coming back in January! 

Want: Leesa Mattress

I need a new mattress and I'm going to get one soon-ish. I have done obsessive mattress research and have learned that the mattress for me is Leesa. I'm convinced my pain is (in part) exacerbated by my old, worn out mattress and that by switching to a Leesa mattress I'll feel better and sleep better and just LIVE better. Is this too much pressure to put on a mattress? Maybe. But also, no. Come rescue my aching joints, Leesa! 

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