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My Black Friday Sales Plan

My Black Friday Sales Plan

Today is American Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. There’s no pressure to give gifts, it’s centered around a meal, and I absolutely love stuffing and pumpkin pie. It’s also a great time to buy that thing you’ve had your eye on, or stock up on your favorites, because THE SALES. I bought a Dyson vacuum last year during a Black Friday sale and am completely obsessed with it -and think everyone should get one.

I have never gone to a store in a sea of people to take advantage of a doorbuster sale and I hope I never will. Now that you can shop online I have become a BIG fan of Black Friday sales, and here’s what I plan on buying this season.

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Soko Glam

Soko Glam in the past has offered 30% off for Black Friday, and I’m already planning on stocking up on my favorite snail products (steam cream and essence), and some vitamin C serum (first I tried Klairs but now I’m really liking the Cosrx). I discovered a few of these products during last year’s Black Friday sale, so I’d recommend taking advantage of a good sale if you’ve wanted to try something new. I for one am excited to try the Benton Snail Bee Ultimate Serum which, I mean, it’s all the things I love in one product.

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Sephora has, in my opinion, the best Black Friday offerings if you’re into beauty. As I’m writing this you can only see the Black Friday deals on the Sephora app, but they usually go live Thursday night and often do sell out fast. I have used the Black Friday sale in the past to buy First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream. This year they’re offering a tub for $15, which they say is a $42 value - but when you buy a tub full price it’s $30. You can’t tell on the teeny tiny app pictures how many ounces these products are, or in the case of makeup what shades are included, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

I love Jack Black lip balm. I keep a bunch of them scattered around my house, so that I don’t have to choose between getting up and having chapped lips. Sephora is offering a set of three balms for $15. Considering that each tube alone costs $7.50, this is a great deal, and will keep my giant lips chap-free for a long time.

Last but not least, the thing I’m super excited for (and worried will run out) is the Bumble and Bumble Haridresser’s Invisible Oil Heat and UV Protective Primer. I got a tiny bottle of this in a bag of samples from Nordstrom and I’ve become obsessed with it. I work out three times a week and get so sweaty that I have to wash my hair after. This product smells incredible, smooth down my wild baby hairs, and keeps everything tidy now that I’m blowdrying my hair like, twice as much as I used to. This deal is why I’m going to be stalking the Sephora website today.



I saw this Dermstore Skin Care Collection in my local Target store and was shocked at all the high end products you got for $25. There’s Good Genes in there! For $25! Here’s the even more insane thing: I didn’t buy it. I saw it, recognized that it was AMAZING, and then just set it back down and walked away. Of course it’s sold out virtually everywhere now. If you’re dragged to Target to buy a TV or whatever, check if your store has one of these sets. AND BUY IT.



So far this list has been beauty oriented, but Amazon usually offers a great Black Friday deal on books. Something like $5 off any book, and a slew of popular ebooks for cheap. I tend to buy the books I have on hold at the library if they’re less than $3 to both decrease my hold time and free up space for more holds. I also like that I can purchase a paper book that I’ve had my eye on for a good discount. This year I’m thinking I’ll get Michelle Obama’s book if they offer this sale again.

And that’s it for me! Last year I planned to buy my vacuum months before the Black Friday sales went live, and this year it seems like I’m just stocking up on my regular stuff, but at a discount. If you’re anxiously awaiting your prime time to lock down a big purchase, let me know! I want to live vicariously through you and also congratulate you on your shopping prowess.

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