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As If This Bed Couldn't Get Any Cuter, It's Called "The Cuddle Cup"

As If This Bed Couldn't Get Any Cuter, It's Called "The Cuddle Cup"

A few weeks ago I was on a day trip out of town for an appointment with a border agent. I will reveal nothing else because it was an APPOINTMENT with a BORDER AGENT. Everything is fine, would not recommend. I had some time to kill beforehand because I am forever early to everything, and there was a Home Goods in the area. Home Goods is one of those stores that I could spend hours in. Is that a universal feeling? Is that like tweeting "OMG I just went to Target for five things and I left with a cart full of stuff worth $200!" and literally everyone is like, 'Yeah, no shit, idiot." 

Anyway, I knew I was going to be near a Home Goods and I was PREPARED. I had a LIST in my phone of Home Goods-y type things I needed. A collander. An ice cream scoop. And a dog bed. I really hit it out of the park on my list, but the greatest thing of all was this dog bed I found. It's called "The Cuddle Cup" and it's an overstuffed cup that looks absolutely heavenly to sleep in. If they made one for adult humans I'd get one. It was $10 and it was worth every penny. 

Rolled Up.JPG

Hero loves curling up in this thing, and the way he sleeps in it, and tips it over and sleeps OUT of it, is endlessly entertaining. 


It's also super easy to move from room to room. So usually I keep it in my bedroom, but if I'm going to be hanging out on the couch I'll move it to be in the den so he can still be close by (Hero prefers to be in the center of the action at all times, even when he's dead asleep). 


I insist that all his bedding be machine washable, which this is, and durable, another check. He doesn't bite or tear at his beds, but he does like to "dig a hole" before he lays down, and after many, many naps that can wear down weaker beds. 


As with most things that are a huge success in my life, from tee shirts to dog beds to frying pans, I would now like to own multiples of this item. But while I bought this bed for $10 at Home Goods, the price online hovers around $36. Compared to a heated, memory foam, designer dog bed that might seem perfectly acceptable, but compared to what I spend on dog beds ($10) it is OBSCENE. Considering all the joy this thing has brought to the life of both me and my dog, if anything happens to this bed I'll probably pay $36 for a new one, but as of now, I'll be skulking around the dog aisles of every store in the TJ Maxx family looking for another bed at an acceptable price point, and I suggest you do the same. 

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