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I Decorated my Home With a Kids' Book From Costco... And it Looks Great

I Decorated my Home With a Kids' Book From Costco... And it Looks Great

I moved a year ago, and there are still so many things to do in terms of decorating. The two bedrooms have no art hung on the walls and I don’t really have a plan. But I do know, that even though I had tons of artwork i my old apartment, I still need MORE to fill up the space in this house. So I bought a book.

Dino Book Cover.jpg

This book, Dinosaurium, was on sale at Costco for $21.99. But the artwork in it is SO GOOD. There are botanical prints to separate each section, and there are old-timey looking dino drawings throughout. Plus the book is LARGE. I could cut out the pages and have tons of art to frame around my house. I have a gallery wall that needed some filler pieces, and even if I used just two images from the book, it would be much more affordable than buying individual pieces of art.

Box Cutter.jpg

I used a box cutter (an X-Acto Knife would be ideal but I don’t have one) and cut along the spine of the book to get the pages I wanted while preserving as much of the image as possible.

Dino Papers.jpg

I took out all the pages that initially caught my eye, but kept the book because honestly, I may come back to it and get even MORE. I was thinking of just using the botanical images, but then I started noticing how great some of the dino images are… I may frame the entire book is what I’m saying.

Rotary Cutter.jpg

Then I used a rotary cutter to trim the pages I wanted to the perfect size. This is slightly next level (I have a rotary cutter for other craft work) so you don’t need to buy this whole system if you don’t already have one. Scissors would work just fine. I am a perfectionist and avid crafter, so… why not use it?


I was busy working out this gallery frame system and making sure I didn’t epically screw up my plan, so I don’t really have any in-process photos. But here’s a shot of the pages in their frames. This gallery wall is across from a huge window, and it was practically impossible to get a shot of the whole thing without major reflection/glare issues. But trust me, it looks amazing AND was super affordable. If you need a lot of artwork, but you also have a limited budget, check out some art books! This was a kids’ book at Costco, so you never know where you’ll find the perfect solution.

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