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Gift Guide 2017: Past & Future

Gift Guide 2017: Past & Future

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Old School Wall Clock by Birch Lane Kids $37

I love the look of an old school/diner clock and literally every time I see one I think, "Oooh! I need that in my house!" And then I remember that there is already a clock in every room of my home (Bathroom? Yes. Closet? Yes.) - most of them analog. 

Anne of Green Gables Book Pin by janemount $11

This Etsy shop has lots of pins featuring various book covers, but I'm particular to Anne of Green Gables. As you may already know, there is a policy on this website that if I want to feature an item that's modeled by a woman without a head, she is given the head of Anne Shirley. 

Chambray Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Shirt by Madewell $72

You can dress it up or down. It works for everything. It is virtually always appropriate. 

Almost Lipstick in Black Honey by Clinique $18

Clinique's Black Honey was introduced in 1971. It's among the best selling lipsticks EVER. And for good reason. The formula adapts to every individual and is designed to flatter every skintone. 

Fortune Teller Pin by Yesterdays $12

I once made one of these for a project in a college math class. The only fortune I remember was "You'll get a horrible paper cut" and I added a drawing with a copy of War and Peace and a hand with a bloody finger cut off. I went to a liberal arts college. I got an A. 

Metallic Blazer Dress by TopShop $110

Just seeing this on its own it may seem a little kooky, but if you follow the link and see it styled it looks absolutely great and if I saw that woman walking down the street I'd immediately idolize her. 

LED Lighted iPhone Case by Lumee $70

At first I thought these phone cases were gimmicky and silly. Then I found out that this is what Janet Mock uses to take all her selfies and now I think they're magical and if you get one you'll somehow transform into a cartoon princess.  

Almost Lipstick in Pink Honey by Clinique $18

There's a new Honey on the block, and this one is the more subtle cousin to Black Honey. There is a post coming up comparing the two Honeys, but I'll say this - I'm in love with them both and I hope Clinique keeps Pink Honey around long-term. 

Gift Guide 2017: Fire & Ice

Gift Guide 2017: Fire & Ice

Wear, Watch, Want #58: The Airy Naked Afterlife Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #58: The Airy Naked Afterlife Edition