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Wear, Watch, Want #51: The Achy Jersey Gunslinger Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #51: The Achy Jersey Gunslinger Edition

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Wear: KT Tape

I've been in a flare up for over a month now and oh man, I'm so sick of it. Why can't my body just get over itself?! Doesn't it know I have things to do? Apparently not. I'm coping the best I can with all the tools I've acquired over the years of dealing with chronic pain, and one of my favorites is KT Tape. I've mentioned it before in a post featuring many of my favorite chronic pain tools, and everything I wrote there still stands. I'm wearing KT tape on my outer knee right now! My only request is that KT tape make a leopard print version. They have pink polka dot and camo - why no leopard print?!

Watch: Wynonna Earp

I have a real weakness for shows on SyFy with real dorky premises, particularly Canadian shows. Just tell me a few choice details about a Killjoys or a 12 Monkeys and I'll react like the valets from Key & Peele. They're my shiiiiiit.


When I started seeing ads for Wynonna Earp last spring I was immediately like, "Yes. A thousand times yes. Where. When. Done." Then the show turned out to be amazing, was chosen by multiple critics as the best new show of the year, was nominated for awards, and stole many a heart. All that was gravy to me! I was sold at Canadian show about Wyatt Earp's great-great-granddaughter hunting demons.

That's the premise of Wynonna Earp, by the way. (Also worth mentioning, Wynonna Earp is based on a comic book series by Beau Smith.) Wynonna returns to her hometown of Purgatory, where upon turning 27 she becomes the Earp heir and can wield her great-great-grandfathers gun, Peacemaker, which is used to send demons back to hell. Wynonna teams up with her little sister, Waverly, who is an expert researcher, and Agent Dolls, who knows about Revenants (what the show calls the supernaturals that need to be shot in the head) and works for a clandestine government organization. Wynonna also manages to resurrect Doc Holiday, her great-great-grandfather's BFF, who was trapped at the bottom of a well for, oh, a hundred years? He still looks about 35 and he and Wynonna do some smoochin'. The breakout couple of Wynonna Earp, though, are Waverly and the not-so-clueless deputy Nicole Haught. Those two are so beloved that there's even a #WayHaught tab on SyFy's official Wynonna Earp website.

Season 2 of Wynonna Earp just started, and lucky for you, season 1 is available to stream on Netflix. It's so easy to catch up on this fantastic, fun, kickass show! What on Earth could you possibly be waiting for?!

Want: Black Jersey Maxi Dress

As is our custom at This You Need, when a store feels the need to try and sell us clothing with a headless model, we give her a head. Specifically the head of Anne Shirley. I get that they think a headless woman helps me imagine myself in this garment, but really it just makes me feel like they've stripped all humanity from their models and it makes me upset and uncomfortable. So, that's why This You Need has the Anne Shirley Program for Headless Models. Now back to the dress at hand. There's not much to say other than 1) I'm in need of a black maxi dress with no sleeves (I have one with short sleeves), 2) I have had many dresses with this silhouette before and they're super flattering and comfortable, and 3) I'm going to buy this one like, next week. It seems pretty perfect, and I've been hunting for a very long time.

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