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Wear, Watch, Want #111: The Fanny Means Something Else In England Edition

Wear, Watch, Want #111: The Fanny Means Something Else In England Edition

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Wear: A Fanny Pack (?!?!)

I like to take long walks with Hero, and normally I put my keys and phone in the pocket of whatever jacket I’m wearing and it’s fine. But occasionally, it gets a bit warm here (shocking!), and I don’t want to wear even my most lightweight jacket. I was walking Hero one day with my keys in my bra and my phone tucked into my waistband and I realized, with horror, that what I needed was a fanny pack. Luckily for me, fanny packs are everywhere now. The first two I was interested in were sold out, these things are so popular. I found this simple black canvas “belt bag” from Herschel at Nordstrom. When I went to pick it up, the sales rep told me they only had this one because someone returned it! Seriously, everyone has a fanny pack these days. Now the puppo and i take even longer walks, because not only can I fit my keys and phone in this bag, I can also throw in a collapsible bowl and water bottle so we can stop halfway through our hike and hydrate.

Watch: Love Island

I’ve known about Love Island for years, mainly through Gogglebox, but it was only this summer that I actually decided to watch. I was put off by having to watch five episodes a week (a frankly wild commitment to a reality tv show), but now that I’m a Love Island superfan, I could probably watch ten hours a week.

For Americans, Hulu streams the original UK version of Love Island (there is a US version as of this year. I haven’t seen it) but it’s a few weeks delayed and they drop five episodes at once each Saturday. I started watching this way, but I have a VPN, so now that I’m addicted I’m catching up to the UK schedule.



I have so many Love Island thoughts, but here’s a quick list of the big ones:

  • They are never shown eating? They get dressed up each night, presumably for dinner, but it cuts immediately to them sitting outside. Who cooks their meals? Do they eat with a crew and that’s why it’s never shown? Is there a dining room in the villa? Why when you DO see them eating it’s either on a date (where they don’t actually eat) or some weird scenario where they suddenly have Cocoa Puffs or are double fisting fruits?

  • The couple I think has the highest change for success “on the outside” is Curtis and Tommy. Which brings me to another point, why are there only hetero couples? I looked into this, and there has been ONE instance of a same-sex coupling, and it was like, an unplanned twist where one woman decided she wanted to be coupled with another woman? They could EASILY have the same format and not be so heteronormative, but this show is like, the definition of heteronormative relationship tropes.

  • I have never seen more underboob in my LIFE. Is this a trend or do these women not know what size they are? I watched a few episodes while I was visiting my mom last weekend and she kept walking though the living room and commenting on the outfits, usually with something like, “Where do you BUY that?”

  • I don’t mind seeing bonkers outfits, I actually really like it, but I could do without so much gross kissing. Did you have to send a video of yourself kissing to be cast on Love Island? Because virtually every person in the villa is a NASTY kisser. Don’t go in for a kiss tongue first, especially if it’s going to be on (inter)national television.

  • They all say, “Obviously” all the time, which is a vocal tic I’m not familiar with. I did have an English teacher in high school who HATED when people said “obviously” and it trained me to never say it, so I’m particularly bothered by it’s CONSTANT USE on Love Island.

  • The “host” of the show is Caroline Flack, and out of the TWENTY PLUS episodes I have watched she has been on three of them. Does host mean something different across the pond?

  • The recoupling after Casa Amor was so intense, you have to give major props to the Love Island production team. The music! The reaction shots! The tears! I’m convinced they edited out Maura making a throat slitting motion at Joanna. Truly a masterpiece.

  • The villa seems to have: Beds for 14, but only queen beds, so they have to share. ONE shower for these 14 people. An outdoor kitchen (that is rarely, if ever, used). A pool of indeterminate depth because despite it being Mallorca in the summer, no one ever goes in it. Oh, and like 70 cameras to capture all your business.

Do you watch Love Island? You should. It’s yet another show that I’ve gotten obsessed with because I watch other people be obsessed with it on Gogglebox.

Want: Lightweight Robe

I wear a robe post-shower while I dry my hair and apply makeup. I have this one from UGG that is lovely, but it’s HOT. I actually bought that robe because I only had super lightweight ones and I was worried about being chilly in a place that actually GOT chilly, and now look at me. I clearly need two robes for varying temps. I always bought my robes at Nordstrom Rack (that’s where I got the UGG one), but I decided to spend a bit more and get a nice robe that I could have for the foreseeable future. Natori’s Shangri-La Robe has a cult following, and I could get a black one at Nordstrom with a bit of a price reduction. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I think when it does my life will be greatly improved.

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